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We can help you make a visit and tour around to check out properties, the environment... everything!


(Latest up-date: 16/07/2020)

There are probably a dozen ways you could do this, here we'll set out one plan. You can follow it on a step by step basis, amend it to your own requirements or disregard it altogether and do your own thing. In this case, we've suggested a two-day/three-night visit, this should give you enough time to view some properties of your choice and take a brief look at the region, it's countryside and towns.

An example...

  • Choose at least two dates when you would like to make the trip. Make sure flights are available on those dates if you intend to fly over.
  • Tell us your choice so we may plan a sensible route from one property to the next. We will contact the sellers so that we can gain access to each property and then contact you with a proposed plan.
  • We will choose a budget hotel for you, depending on the proposed route and one which allows you access to restaurants and shops in your free time. Of course, you may choose your own accommodation if you prefer.
  • Upon arrival, we will pick you up at Zagreb airport (Maribor Slovenia is OK too) and take you to your hotel. We will show you where things are local to your hotel and leave you until the following morning.
  • Starting around 9am, we will drive you to your chosen properties, one after the other, and show you around the locality of any you think may be of interest. We will drive you back to your hotel for the night at about 5pm. Wear clothes suitable for poking around overgrown gardens and old cellars.
  • The second day will be the same as the first but to different properties.
  • On the third day, we will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the airport for your return flight.

Typical charges are:-

  • €30 for the first day, airport pick up, transport to your hotel and settle in.
  • €70 for each full day.
  • €30 again for the trip back from the hotel to get your flight home.

This price is for one, two or three people. You can pay either by bank transfer or in cash whilst you are here.

Using websites like opodo for finding the best flight options, and booking.com for accommodation will help keep the costs under control.

Although we have no connection with them, the people at Pansion Maltar have proven over time to be a good place to stay if you are based in Varaždin.
Our customers have given us glowing reports over the years regarding the condition, cleanliness, facilities, parking, standard of service and very competitive prices on offer. It is located near the centre of the historic city and is well placed to give you plenty to see and do within a few minutes by foot.
For that reason alone, we are happy to recommend Pansion Maltar as your first choice when booking accommodation.
They all speak English and German there.

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