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(Latest up-date: 11/08/2020)

There are numerous reasons why you may need a formal and well considered valuation of a property, these include the requirements of mortgage lenders, the clarification and evaluation of inheritance, and the valuation of assets as part of a transaction or, most often, as part of a divorce/separation agreement.

We are mindful of our experience that valuations are invariably greeted with satisfaction by one party and with disappointment by another. We are mindful therefore that our valuation must be justified, in writing, and relate proportionately to all the circumstances having a significant influence on the value of the property.

Our experience and expertise is centred upon the property market within the region of northern Croatia, this includes the counties of Međimurje, Varaždin, Krapina & Zagorje, Koprivnica & Križevci and the northern areas of Zagreb county.

We consider and report on the following influences upon the value of a property:

  • Clear registration of ownership onto the land registries (Gruntovnica, Kataster, Posjedovni list).
  • Legal status of structures.
  • Energy Certificate rating.
  • The attractiveness of the local environment.
  • The services and utilities available.
  • The structural and exterior appearance of buildings.
  • The presence and condition of fixtures.
  • The condition of the general decor.
  • The statements made by the owners.
  • The size of the property and the building/s thereon.
  • The ease of access and egress.
  • Our experience having overseen sales of properties within the area concerned.
  • An overview of the asking prices of similar properties online.
  • The possible opportunities for rental or income from tourism related lettings.
  • Our checklist also includes recording the conditions regarding:
    1. Walls
    2. cracks
    3. paint
    4. facade
    5. Dampness
    6. Electrical system
    7. Gas system
    8. Cold water system
    9. Hot water system
    10. Windows & exterior doors
    11. Floors
    12. Fences/walls
    13. Drains/sewers
    14. Views/environment/overlooked?
    15. Road & access/egress
    16. Fixtures
    17. Furniture
    18. Phone/ADSL
    19. cell phone signal
    20. Room dimensions
    21. External description
    22. Access to shops, medical etc.
    23. Access to school/s
    24. Public transport
    25. Parking.

The cost of valuations is fixed at €100.00 (incl VAT) plus travelling cost if required. You will receive a full written valuation report showing all the aspects considered (as above) and an evaluation of what we consider to be a market value. This may differ significantly from the valuations made by sellers for similar properties advertised on various online vendors. The difference between the asking price and the price achieved by those properties which were sold successfully can be up to 50%. Our valuation reflects our assessment of a price which offers a reasonable return but a price which could be reasonably expected to attract a buyer. We can normally return a written report with three days of our visit to the property.

We are confident of the quality of our work such that we do not ask for pre-payment.

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