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Page 3 of 8 - Caring for your property if you are away

(Latest up-date: 11/08/2020)

Aimed mostly at holiday home owners, our SleepEasy programme seeks to relieve the burden of finding people and services to take care of your property during the months you are not here. Homes left locked up and empty for long periods soon experience problems with things like dampness, insects, dust, rodents etc. Toilets left un-flushed and sinks left unused often cause water to become sour and a source of smells. Properties which appear to have no visitors and with full post boxes of circulars and post can attract attention. There are also the regular bills to be paid.... the list goes on. Contractually, we are there for a day each month to check, clean and ventilate the entire property. In reality, we are usually in attendance much more often.

The basic SleepEasy programme (see list below) takes care of all these things and ensures your property is kept reasonably well maintained. We supply all the cleaning materials and basic equipment to keep your property in shape. We test and check toilets, sinks, lights, heating, air conditioners, locks, gates, doors, windows... everything to ensure the services in your home are maintained.

Also included is the payment of bills, water, gas, electricity, TV licence, rates and taxes. We provide you with an on-line account which shows you what has been done, when and which bills have been paid. This allows you to keep a check on every penny - 24/7. If you require invoices for your own accountancy needs, each and every bill we pay on your behalf is scanned and a link to each is provided in printable format on your account page, just click the link and the invoice/receipt is yours to see/download/print as you require.

Should you require repairs to be carried out, we will source trades-people for you, you may choose your own if you wish. We'll manage small projects locally on your behalf should you want to change or update/replace something. If you wish to extend or have some other building work carried out or do some landscaping, we will represent you locally and record all the relevant details to your on-line account. There will be some charges for the times we are required to attend your property in addition to the normal SleepEasy visits. Trades people will make a charge to attend and provide written quotations. See our 'Property Maintenance' page for details for the bigger jobs.

Every month, we photograph your property if appropriate and email the images to you with any relevant information. This way, you can see what's being done and how everything looks.

We do our best to fix things like leaky taps, stuck locks, defective water cisterns and we will drain your water system (excl. central heating) if necessary to prepare for the winter and refill it in the spring. We add antifreeze to toilets and U-bends when required.

The cost? We charge a monthly fee of 500 HRK plus, if necessary, an extra charge if we have to travel long distances. Contact us for details in your case. All you have to do is keep your account in credit.

Major repairs and works are a matter for discussion, the costs of which depend upon the scale of the works and how much we need to do to support it. In recent years we have overseen roof replacements, new PVC windows, TV antennae, install wiring, heating systems, new fences, re-plumbing an entire house, land clearance, repainting plus numerous small repair jobs and some "heavy" gardening. We are pleased to say our current clients have expressed their satisfaction with how things have been done.

The basic SleepEasy programme includes the following activties if required...

  • Vacuum clean interior.
  • Dusting.
  • Clean windows.
  • Sweep/Wash floors.
  • Clean/flush WCs.
  • Flush sinks.
  • Operate all taps.
  • Open/check all windows & vents.
  • Remove insects.
  • Check/clear rodents.
  • Test heating (Autumn & winter) - not solid fuel systems.
  • Test Air-Con (Spring & summer).
  • Add antifreeze to U bends (autumn).
  • Drain water pipes for winter (autumn).
  • Close water mains (autumn).
  • Operate all locks/bolts.
  • Maintain on-line accounts (see below).
  • Monthly photo report where appropriate.
  • Pay bills as required.
  • Make good minor repairs.
  • Check for damp/water ingress.

Simply contact us to arrange a SleepEasy programme tailored to your individual requirements. We are happy to answer your questions at any time.

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