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(Latest up-date: 11/08/2020)

Make sure your chosen property has 'clean' papers.

If you are considering buying property in Croatia, either independently or through another property finding service, may we suggest you think about commissioning an investigation into to your chosen property?

We have several years experience in sifting through the maze of land registry entries, ownership issues, inheritance law, legalisation, building permission and the complicated consequences of numerous law changes in recent years. Indeed, we use this experience to filter out the majority of properties we are offered on the basis that we will suffer significant problems if we advertise them for sale.

We now offer you the same safeguarding process we use for ourselves. If you have found a property you would like to pursue, you can commission us to provide you with a comprehensive report which will advise you of all the important legal aspects relating to the property and its owner/s. You will also be advised of any problems we find and the risks involved if you choose to continue. Ordinarily, investigation reports take about two weeks to complete and cost 850 kuna (about £90/€110), a small price to pay before you start committing significant costs with lawyers etc.

Your report checks the following risks:

  • The seller/s are not the registered owners.
  • There are other owners not shown in the registers.
  • The ownership is in dispute.
  • The owner/s have un-recorded agreements with 3rd parties against the property.
  • There is a non-court debt charged against the property.
  • There is a court decision affecting the status of the property.
  • There is already an unspecified registry action taking place.
  • Inheritors are missing from the registry.
  • The building is not registered.
  • The building is bigger than the registered dimensions.
  • The building's architectural schematics do not match the as-built structure.
  • The building's legal status audit trail does not support the as-built structure.
  • The designated use of the land has implications for foreign ownership.
  • The agent/seller lacks full power of attorney to act on behalf of all the owners.
  • The local building zone has changed and has implications for foreign ownership.
  • The main register conflicts with information on the land and/or ownership registers.
  • Neighbours have rights of access over the property.
  • Access to this property requires rights of access across others' property.
  • Obligations of maintenance on roadways within the property.
  • Restrictions arising from heritage and/or local interest registers.

As you can see, there are plenty of questions to be answered and, of course, everything is in Croatian. We have Croatian partners and legal affiliates who have been scouring the dozens of individual local town halls and satellite offices where much of this information is kept and they've been doing it for several years. We estimate we reject something like 65% of the properties offered to us to advertise, all on the grounds that documentation is either missing or wrong and where we see little chance of resolving the outstanding issues. Of the remaining 35%, half require some form of documentary process to bring everything into line.

The price of €120 brings you the same safeguards we seek for ourselves and it does so before you start engaging a lawyer or paying a deposit. We report to you with the best of our ability and in good faith. Simply contact us and, if you commission us to go ahead, we will trust our quality will satisfy your needs, we do not ask for payments in advance.

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