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Country properties for sale in northern Croatia over €100,000.

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A list of properties shown in price order, priced over €100,000.

Ref 8492

€110,000      Ref: 8492.       June 2021
Smart family house near the UNESCO heritage site of Plitvička Lakes (14 km) and nested between the mountains Plješevica and Mrsinj, it offers alpine views of forests and mountain peaks. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8576

€115,000      Ref: 8576.       August 2021
A large house near Plitvicka Falls national park, configued into a pair of very good one-bedroom apartments and a single two-bedroom apartment which needs renovation. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8580

€115,000      Ref: 8580.       August 2021
Family home for sale in Croatia at Slunj, offering 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 WCs and 2 kitchens. Located about a mile from the beautiful Rastoke waterfalls. Details here...

Ref 8516

€119,000      Ref: 8516.       July 2021
A most beautiful solid oak built cottage located amid its own rolling park land in the exclusive and much sought-after countryside location in Upper Međimurje county. S O L D

Ref 8572

€125,000      Ref: 8572.       August 2021
A large house built as either three separate apartments or a single family home. Located in historic Drežnik Grad, near Plitvicka Lakes national park. Some interior work needed. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8520

€135,000      Ref: 8520.       July 2021
Located on the way from Plitvička Lakes to the Adriatic, this property consists of three buildings located on flat land, all are fully developed into good accommodation. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8552

€140,000      Ref: 8552.       July 2021
Reduced price: An extensive three-floor house with a large garage/workshop block and a good sized barn. All set in a pretty rural hillside location on a quiet lane close to Ivanec. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8544

€145,000      Ref: 8544.       July 2021
A pretty home in a dream location, close to the city of Varaždin yet perched on a beautiful ridge-back hill top surrounded by vineyards and forests and with views to fill your senses. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8536

€169,000      Ref: 8536.       July 2021
A lovely residence is located in deep countryside in which only small weekend retreats are normally found. It is rare to find a home there having 2/3 bedrooms, lounge/kitchen/diner, bathroom etc. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8512

€170,000      Ref: 8512.       July 2021
Two houses at Vranovača, near the world famous waterfalls of Plitvička Lakes. A wooden cottage, already in use as a holiday home, plus a larger brick house in good shape. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8592

€175,000      Ref: 8592.       September 2021
A building, a cottage and vineyard with stunning views on a prime location in much sought-after Upper Međimurje county. A rare opportunity which may just be what you are looking for... ☝   Details here...

Ref 8600

€175,000      Ref: 8600.       October 2021
Everything about this property revolves around its fantastic location, right alongside the clear waters of the river Korana. Just 20 metres from the property boundary is a river weir. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8496

€200,000      Ref: 8496.       June 2021
A themed holiday villa located near Ivanec and surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Ivanščica. This property has the feel of a mountainvilla yet is a few minutes from a large town. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8596

€220,000      Ref: 8596.       September 2021
Located at Lopatinec in the county of Međimurje, this modern luxury house boasts a stylish layout and design and has good quality fittings and surfaces throughout. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8500

€220,000      Ref: 8500.       June 2021
A 120 year old wooden house, completely renovated into a beautiful accommodation. Swimming pool, outbuildings and much more. Excellent returns from booking.com until Covid. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8564

€230,000      Ref: 8564.       August 2021
An excellent single storey two-bedroom / two bathroom detached home in a desirable location near the thermal spa resort of Krapinske Toplice, currently a keen gardener's paradise. S O L D

Ref 8540

€235,000      Ref: 8540.       July 2021
A prestigious and imposing residence at Lepoglava. A classic long driveway entrance, very large garden (over 1 acre), large detached house plus impressive garage and kiddie's wooden house. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8568

€250,000      Ref: 8568.       August 2021
A stiking, historic and unique house for sale in the region of Karlovac. There is also second house within extensive gardens/grounds. The property is located near an ancient castle. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8532

€250,000      Ref: 8532.       June 2021
A guest house consisting of two buildings which can host up to 24 people.It is located on a dead-end road on the edge of Korenica, just 18 km from the famous resort at Plitvicka Lakes ☝   Details here...

Ref 8548

€260,000      Ref: 8548.       July 2021
Truly a gem! A traditional wooden house, relocated and rebuilt here in 2017 to start its second life as a tourist accommodation within the boundaries of Plitvice Lakes National Park. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8604

€275,000      Ref: 8604.       October 2021
A three bed, three bath villa style house in tip-top condition throughout and located close to three rivers, rural areas and a national park with the world famous waterfalls of Rastoke. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8556

€350,000      Ref: 8556.       July 2021
Rudanovac is a tourists' centre within Plitvicka Lakes National Park. These luxury apartments are a busy rental catering for tourists visiting the nearby UNESCO rated waterfalls. ☝   Details here...

Ref 8508

€500,000      Ref: 8508.       July 2021
Large holiday home with four apartments for sale in Grabovac, Rakovica, Karlovac, Croatia, near the famous Plitvicka Lakes National Park. Includes a building plot for a hotel ☝   Details here...

Ref 8528

€1,300,000      Ref: 8528.       July 2021
A beautifully designed and built hotel, restaurant and home with a cavernous 930m² of internal space. Two large restaurant dining rooms, seven en-suite guest rooms, pool, hot tub...... ☝   Details here...

Ref 8524

€1,500,000      Ref: 8524.       July 2021
Ultimate sea-front apartment in the wonderful resort of Opatija, the the most prestigious location on the Croatian coast. Situated on the "first row" from the sea, this is wall-to-wall luxury. ☝   Details here...