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Country properties for sale in northern Croatia to €100,000.

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A list of properties shown in price order, priced up to €100,000.

Ref 2504

€18,000      Ref: 2504.       02/07/2021
A hide-away cottage in a completely rural setting. Super low price, Super low ongoing costs. Move in and start your project for throw-away money ☝   Details here...

Ref 2512

€35,000      Ref: 2512.       08/07/2021
Looking for an attractive, affordable, countryside home with a small vineyard where you can live cheaply and develop things at your own pace? ☝   Details here...

Ref 2520

€37,000      Ref: 2520.       October 2021
Inland Croatia property for sale: hill-top country cottage near Kelemen. A highly sought after location up in the lovely green hills surrounding the city of Varaždin. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4604

€40,000      Ref: 4604.       January 2022
A house for renovation at Donji Žagari, located on a blind lane near the river Čabranka, it offers dramatic views over the river gorge to the mountains in neighbouring Slovenia ☝   Details here...

Ref 4500

€49,000      Ref: 4500.       January 2022
A traditional style village house located at Selnik, about a three minute drive from the city of Ludbreg. Move in ready, a Croatian company is not required for foreign ownership. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4524

€49,000      Ref: 4524.       14/07/2021
A high number of enquiries we receive are people looking for a mid-sized house in a quiet rural setting, close to shops, schools and city amenities - at a good price. This is one of those. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4512

€50,000      Ref: 4512.       07/07/2021
A single storey block/brick built house with 2 large bedrooms, kitchen/diner/day room, WC/bathroom, walk-in pantry plus a pair of useful outbuildings. The mighty rivers Drava and Mura are nearby. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4536

€52,000      Ref: 4536.       August 2021
Croatia rural property for sale: a good sized three-level house in the much sought after region of Upper Međimurje with lovely views amid a beautiful rural setting. S O L D

Ref 4540

€55,000      Ref: 4540.       August 2021
A three-level family style house near Slunj needing modernisation. The middle floor has 2 bedrooms, bathroom and living room with open-plan kitchen. The ground floor and attic are undeveloped. ☝   Details here...

Ref 2492

€55,000      Ref: 2492.       20/06/2021
Large property on a big plot in the countryside near Karlovac. Located at Slapno village, a spacious family home located on a country road and looking out over a rural scene. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4554

€60,000      Ref: 4554.      September 2021
A house in the town yet only two minutes from a beautiful river, a weir and lovely countryside walks. The house does need renovating throughout, hence the very low asking price for such a prime location. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4508

€65,000      Ref: 4508.       07/07/2021
A large village house with a lot of land, suitable for a family looking to operate small argricultural activities. Located in a quiet neighbourhood between forests and fields. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4600

€69,000      Ref: 4600.       November 2021
A pair of side-by-side hill-top cottages in reasonable condition, both having stunning views and have a good sized land plot between them, One to live in, the other for your guests perhaps?
☝   Details here...

Ref 4504

€70,000      Ref: 4504.       26/06/2021
A high quality, move-in ready house in the picturesque village of Vivodina with a beautiful view over the vineyards, the local church and out into the distant countryside. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4548

€75,000      Ref: 4548.       August 2021
Set in a hamlet in a lovely valley near the city of Ivanec, this large two-storey house has a large flat garden plus significant outbuildings including a stable block. Excellent value. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4575

€75,000      Ref: 4575.       October 2021
A genuine timber built cottage made from circa- 100 year old oak, all located amid an un-overlooked quiet rural environment and within a two-minute easy stroll to a beautiful lake. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4582

€80,000      Ref: 4582.       November 2021
A smart two-bedroom house located in Podmelnica, a beautifully green neighbourhood of Slunj in the north of inland Croatia. See all the photos on a short slide-show of this property on YouTube

☝   Details here...
Ref 4528

€80,000      Ref: 4528.       23/07/2021
A hard-to-find charming property with a secluded driveway leading to a pretty country style house located at Pleškovec in the most sought after region of Upper Međimurje. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4516

€85,000      Ref: 4516.       October 2021
A rare opportunity to secure a beautifully kept hill-top property, up among the vineyards and forests, which has been fully modernised throughout. Two apartments are within. ☝   Details here...

Ref 4532

€96,000      Ref: 4532.       January 2022
Guesthouse for sale in Croatia: The building contains three separate accommodations, a smart, modern apartment and two double rooms. A very active tourist accommodation near Slunj. ☝   Currently withdrawn

Ref 8504

€99,000      Ref: 8504.       October 2021
Smart and modern country house on Varaždin Breg with two self-contained apartments for living or tourist lets. Excellent business from online booking - until Covid. Details here...