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Inland Croatia property for sale: Large detached house in a prestigious area in Gornje (Upper) Međimurje

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Ref: 1858 Marta

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A large detached house set amid forest and parkland, in excellent condition throughout and located in the exclusive and most sought-after location of Gornje (Upper) Međimurje.


The house frontage as viewed from the adjacent country lane. It features a large balcony (about 10m long) shared between two upper floor rooms.


The view from the adjacent country lane, the house and garden to the right, the park and chapel grounds to the left.


Viewed from the chapel grounds, the front fence, gates and front garden with the garages and outbuildings to the rear. The bulk of the land is located behind the outbuildings and stretch to the bottom of the forested hillside rising above the homes.


The view back along the country lane - in the opposite direction.


The block paved driveway and out-buildings.


Entrance gates and forest backdrop to the property.


Viewed from the side/front garden showing the two side balconies, ground floor terrace and an idea of the nature of the land on the other side of the lane. There is a further small garden at the rear of the house (to the right of this image).


The shady terrace has a lovely view over the garden, the owner described it as her "main room".


The central hallway/corridor is spacious and bright with plenty of natural light. The rooms seen here are the lounge/day room (to the right) and the kitchen to the left. The exterior terrace is located immediately outside the entrance door seen in this photo.


The lounge. The window faces the front of the house.


Also facing the front of the house is this room, the owner prefers to sleep downstairs hence it is currently used as a bedroom.


There are two large ground floor bathrooms, both are at the rear of the house. Both are fully equipped, this one has a shower, the other has a bath tub. We have a comprehensive collection of photographs of everywhere on this property. If it is of interest, please contact us and we will get them to you.


The kitchen is large and comprehensively kitted out, it has windows to the rear and side of the house. Please be aware that we use extra-wide angle camera lenses in order to show you as much detail as possible, however this can distort shapes and make places appear bigger than they really are. This room is rectangular in shape.


Now we have moved upstairs. This bathroom follows the pattern of having plenty of space. The window is above the camera and not as shown, there is a mirror at the far end of the room.


The upper kitchen is smaller than its ground floor partner but is still properly put together and in good condition.


The upper dining room is large and has plenty of natural light. The door way to the right leads to the upper central hall/corridor from which all the rooms are accessed. The next two rooms (below) are located on the other side of that hallway and face the front of the building.


A large lounge and, occasionally, a bedroom too. It shares the long front balcony with the next room (below)...


Another large bedroom, again with French doors to a balcony.


Moving outside, the side of the house features this shady terrace, a most agreeable place to be throughout the long Croatian summer.


A view of the extended garden which is located behind the out-buildings block. Large, green, shady and fully fenced. There is a small brook/stream immediately behind the camera. It is just outside the boundary of the property.


An extract from the national land register showing the location, layout and orientation of the property and view of how things are arranged in the immediate locality.


Nestled in a lush green valley amid the hills of Gornje (Upper) Međimurje, this very well maintained large detached house is located on very quiet country lane and enjoys plenty of space between it and the neighbours, indeed, the whole place has the feel of wealth and "des res" about it. Yet, at only €89,000, it is very affordable. The price reflects the urgency of the owner to sell. If exclusive country estate life is for you, we think this property will deliver everything but at a rock bottom price.

The house is currently configured into two separate apartments, each being fully independent in terms of kitchens and bathrooms. The extended family members have now 'flown the nest' but the house can easily be adapted back into a very large single home if desired.

The key points include...

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