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Croatia property for sale - Large forested land plot with some old buildings in Upper Međimurje

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Ref: 1850 Jurovčak

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A large wooded plot of hillside land in Gornje (Upper) Međimurje with an old empty house and two other structures. As big as two full-size football pitches and at a very low asking price, here is an opportunity to a large slice of beautiful countryside, mostly forested, which has long spectacular views over the local landscape into neighbouring Slovenia with the option to develop it into a rural paradise.

Looking in a NW direction from the garden area


The old house sits between an asphalted country lane on a stone track (on the west side) and a stone track on the east side. This is the view from the stone track looking eastwards from a position almost in front the house. The buildings in the far distance is the town of Lendava, Slovenia.

RPC Ref: 1845 - resort house at Sveti Martin


The old house has been empty for a number of years and would need a complete renovation but it is not a "ruin". It has an electrical supply, city water, city main drains/sewers and there is a gas pipe running under the lane (we estimate) some 50 metres away. It is probably the only deep rural house we have ever found to be so well provided with all mains utilities.

RPC Ref: 1845 - resort house at Sveti Martin


This structure is located part way down the hill within the forest.

RPC Ref: 1845 - resort house at Sveti Martin


The same structure as shown above.

RPC Ref: 1845 - resort house at Sveti Martin


A third structure is located on stone track (just visible to the left) on the opposite side to the main house, we are advised it was once a chicken house or similar.

RPC Ref: 1845 - resort house at Sveti Martin


The stone track as it runs past the house. The black car is parked on the right is opposite the house which is positioned on the left, the car is parked at the top of the land which runs down the hill to the right.

RPC Ref: 1845 - resort house at Sveti Martin


The view from where the car (see above) is parked.

RPC Ref: 1845 - resort house at Sveti Martin


An extract taken from the national land registry. The house is shown at the top-left, the asphalted lane to the left, the stone track to the right. This land is an irregular shape although that is the norm here in northern Croatia. At over 14,000m2it covers an area about the same as two full-size football pitches.


In addition to the above aspects, this property is located in the hills above Croatia's best thermal spa resort at Sveti Martin. All the amenities of such a resort: golf, swimming pools, health spa, hotel, thermal springs, restaurants, shops and night life are all out of ear-shot but within a few minutes drive down your own mountain-esque hill. Here's a link to some images of the LifeClass resort of Sveti Martin .

I summary, this is a mostly unused forest which has an abundance of wildlife with a few small vineyards dotted here and there. The house can be renovated or rebuilt with minimal planning costs in that it is already a registered residential structure. Making upgrades and adaptations takes a lot less official paperwork than building from new. If being close to nature and having your own piece of forest on a beautiful hillside is your idea of heaven, this will suit you in all respects.

The key points include...

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We have other photographs available if this property is of interest to you.

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