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Hill-top cottage and apartment with vineyard and forest in north Croatia

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Ref: 1818 Lovrecan 3

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A pretty home in a dream location, just ∼20 mins to the major metropolitan city of Varaždin yet perched on a beautiful ridge-back hill top surrounded by vineyards and forests and with views to fill your senses. A one-bedroom cottage with an integral two-bedroom rental apartment - or a three-bedroom house, you choose!


A manageable garden, a long shady terrace and a period cottage dating back, in part, to the 1850s.


Location, location, location. The house and its environment plus a view of the top part of the associated vineyard (seen to the right). As owners. you get some wines whilst local partners work the vineyard for most of the product. You can do it yourselves if you wish.


This property is mostly about living outside, hence the large and comprehensively equipped terrace. With views and surrounding like these..... The original oak centre section can be seen here, the rest of the house is of brick construction.


All the beams and timber block walls are of well seasoned oak. At about 160 years old they probably about 1/5th of the way through their life-span. The main entrance door is another example. The owners tell us the wood is so hard, nails cannot be knocked into it without first drilling holes for them.


Upon passing through the main door, you enter this corridor style hallway. This image looks north towards the day room located at the far end, the single bedroom is located in a similar way behind the camera, the kitchen (the door on the left) is accessed from the hallway and sits between the day room and bedroom. The floor is of ceramics, the ceiling beams are oak. The terrace lays on the other side of the wall seen here to the right.


The main day room/dining room has windows to two sides, those shown here are at the north end of the building. Wood is the major decor statement here, the green block is an original example of a ceramic 'radiator' which provides a huge thermal mass for the integral wood furnace to heat. Old fashioned but very effective.


Opposite view of the day room / diner looking back towards the hallway, the window looks out onto the terrace (east facing).


One of two kitchens on the property, three if you count the huge barbeque on the terrace. This one is quite small and has no window. It contains wood burning a pizza oven (right), a wood burning range (left), a gas cooker which uses propane.


The bedroom is located at the opposite end of the hallway and has its own small en-suite WC/shower room. The window (behind the camera) looks out onto the terrace.


The en-suite next to the bedroom.

[X2 - Rental section]

We have to leave the house via the main door and enter another door (both lead directly on to the terrace) in order to enter the rental section of the property. There is currently no internal connection between the two parts of the building but a simple job of knocking a doorway through a single wall would connect them if you so wished.
The rental section has two bedrooms, a shower/WC room and a "summer" kitchen (see further below). This is one of the two bedrooms.

[L - Rental section]

Positioned between the two bedrooms is these fully tiled modern bathroom.

[X3 - Rental section]

The second bedroom. Both bedrooms have windows looking out onto the terrace.


Used by the rental section occupants, the final room is a self-contained summer kitchen. This is a traditional feature of rural homes. The window looks out onto the southern (rear) driveway.


The wooden double door (right) is the summer kitchen. The brick barbeque provides an imposing focus to life on the terrace.


A view of the terrace looking northwards.


A hog-roast on the rotating spit is nearly ready, the guests will be arriving soon.


The vineyard and wine making here goes back before records, one oak beam over this basement room says '1852'. The local community operate most of the vineyards in this region thus leaving the owners the opportunity to sit back and watch them. No money changes hands but you won't be short of wine, that much is certain. The current owners have their own hand-painted bottling operation. This is outer of two basement rooms.


The inner basement room. A lovely cool place where air-conditioning is not required. Don't leave the door open.


A view from the road-side.


The old well looks like it is for aesthetics only these days. The current owners are plugged into the regional cycle routes organisation and draw many of their paying guests from the two-wheeled fraternity. The entire district has established bicycle routes cross-crossing it.


Viewed from the north side. The roadway has almost no traffic.


The rear (south side) of the property has a driveway and parking on hard standing. Access to the vineyard is gained here. The wood stock feeds to furnace, kitchen range and barbeque.


Looking out from the terrace - in summer.


Not in summer.


An extract from the national property ownership register showing the land layout and orientation. The house sits at the extreme western (left) edge, the vines are to the centre, everything east of the vineyard is your private forest.

A short YouTube video showing the breath-taking views.

Additional photographs here.


Currently configured into a cottage with a single bedroom with en-suite, a kitchen and day room, plus a rental apartment of two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen - plus a basement. To join it all together with internal doorway would be a simple job and would then convert this property into 2-3 bedroom house. As it is, it would ideally suit a couple/single with ideas to continue the attract income via the rental part of the building.
If you appreciate the rural aspect of life and prefer to be surrounded by traditional style building and decor, this would suit you very well. Add the immediate stunning environment and the package is complete. The county capital is but twenty minutes away by car thus all the amenities, services and entertainment of a major town are easily reached. When it comes to location.... this property has it all.

The key points include...

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