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High quality detached home near the centre of Čakovec city

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Ref: 1815 Sabol 2

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A well-appointed and beautifully maintained two-storey detached house located near the centre of the city of Čakovec, the capital city of the Međimurje region, Croatia's northernmost and most developed county. Just a few minutes' walk from the city centre yet with a communal green in front of the house which sits on a quiet lane, the property has a rural feel about it whilst enjoying all the nearby amenities available within a metropolitan city. There are separate entrances plus an internal staircase making this house easily configurable into a large two-storey family home or two self-contained two-bedroom apartments.

Viewed from a central location of the garden thus showing the side and rear of the building, note the two main entrance doors, the rear-most (slightly lower) door leads to the lower apartment, the door located to the right leads directly up to the upper apartment.

Looking at the front elevation of the house, the side gate and the double-gate entrance for vehicles. The roadway has no through-traffic and is very lightly used. The quiet nature of this location means that the front facing rooms, on both levels, are currently used as bedrooms.

A view of the rear of the house taken from near the bottom of the back garden. The garage is seen to the right.

The side view showing the two main entrance doors, we will start this tour by entering the lower apartment via the door on the left. It can be seen that the lower apartment is a sub-basement in that the inner floor is slightly below ground level.

Lower level: Immediately inside the entrance door is this hallway which leads to the lower apartment (to the right) and has the bottom of the internal staircase which leads to the upper level. Everything is clean and bright and in very good decorative condition, this feature continues throughout the house. The floor here is of a marble-like shiny stone. The staircase has very strong steel supports augmented by metal railings. There is a storage cupboard to the right.

Turning to the right from the upper floor entrance hallway, we enter an inner hallway where a pair of double doors give access to the apartment. The door to the right leads to a good-sized under-stairs storage space, the door to the left is a single WC. The flooring is of stone style blocks/tiles.

The small WC (mentioned above) is fully tiled in modern ceramics.

Entering the apartment proper, the double doors lead into this large central lounge/day room. The clean lines and excellent condition of the decor is continued here, the flooring is of full-depth solid wood boards, we believe it is of seasoned beech. There are four other rooms accessed from here, one of which is open-plan (see below)

Photographed from a similar position but with a view toward the front of the house, the street side room has been opened up to give a "through" look. The addition of some form of dividers is all that would be needed to convert it into another bedroom if required. The central wall which separates the two parts contains a pair of chimneys which could be brought into service if you wish to install solid fuel or gas fire/s.

Leading from the main room, a door opens to this space which was designed to be a kitchen. It has the necessary electrical, water and drainage facilities but the owners experienced some changing circumstances which meant the planned kitchen was no longer required and was never installed. This room now serves as a store room. The owners live mostly in the upper apartment where a there is a full kitchen.

The modern bathroom is completely fitted out and is fully tiled in modern ceramics. As is nearly always the case in Croatia, the bathroom is where the washing machine and tumble dryer are to be found.

In its current configuration, this is the only bedroom in the lower apartment, the second bedroom having been sacrificed to provide the large through-lounge. This is of good size and contains a walk-through closet which runs the full four metre length of the room. Solid full-depth parquet flooring is featured here.

The former second bedroom is now part of the through-lounge which has the added benefit of giving natural light from both ends of it. There are windows (to the street side) behind the camera position.

Leaving the lower apartment, we have climbed the internal staircase and arrived at a kind of outer-hallway. A perfect sun lounge on those bright winter days when plenty of glass gives natural light and warmth. In th summer, all that glass requires the venetian blinds and the fitted air-conditioner. There is also a small balcony here (see the top image).

Just as in the lower apartment, the outer-hallway (seen through the glass door at centre) leads to this inner hall. From here there are doors to the upper apartment proper and a door to the stairway leading down the side driveway (see below).

This stairway connects the side driveway directly to the upper apartment thus the two apartments can be accessed completely independently, perhaps that may suit your purpose. If not, the inner staircase makes this a normal two-storey family house.

Leaving the inner hallway, we arrive via the double (bevelled) glass doors, seen here to the left, and enter into the central main lounge/day room. The classic decor is in great shape as is the traditional heavyweight wooden parquet flooring. Four other doors are visible here, reading left to right: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom one and bedroom two.

The kitchen as seen from the doorway.

A reverse view of the kitchen.

A very nicely done bathroom and, to the delight of this westerner, no washing machine!

Bedroom one has a beautiful dark wood parquet floor.

Bedroom two is also very bright and airy, it also has solid wood parquet flooring.

and that brings us back for a second look at the day room, this time with the hallway doors behind the camera.

Moving outside, the side drive-way has a gravel surface, there is a full-sized garage with up-and-over door plus a steel and plexiglass car port (see left).

The garage is large and has a small storage room at the rear.

The drive-way looking back towards the entrance gates and the street.

The rear of the back garden.

A view of the rear garden space and garage block as seen from the house.

Taken from Google maps, this property is the second house down on the right (with the bush in front).

A short YouTube guide to Čakovec


Here's a suburban property which is just a few minutes' walk from the pedestrianised centre of the city of Čakovec, the main city of the northern-most Croatian county of Međimurje. Here is the most developed region, both in terms of infrastructure but perhaps more importantly, socially and economically too. In Međimurje, the institutions are efficient and forward thinking - one of the reasons we like to work here more than anywhere else. Another reason is the beauty of the county and the outlook of the citizens who keep it looking clean and tidy.

This property isn't up in the hills, it is located in a very quiet tree-lined leafy district so it does not feel 'city like' at all. However, it does have all the utilities, a small manageable garden and an interior decor which reflects the owner who is a professional artist - so expect everything to be done well and with prodigious style. Whether it's the solid wood and marble style floors, the neat smooth painted walls, the nicely done sunken lighting, the classy kitchen and bathroom fittings.... all is done well. A significant bonus is the fact there are no restrictions for foreign ownership.

The key points include...

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