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€40k to

Semi-detached hilltop house at Lovrećan for sale.

€45,000 Neg.

Semi-detached houses are rare here, even rarer is one which is divided 'longwise' rather than sideways. This is a two floor building with kitchen, bathroom, living room and hallway downstairs, the upper floor has a long room sub-divided into two bedrooms plus there is also a small WC. There is also a basement with two rooms. The property is all about hill-top views and low-cost rural living.

Viewed from the adjacent country lane, this is the side of the building which is for sale. The bedroom/s are located under the roof, the main living area is at the mid level, there is also a shared basement which is accessed by the large door shown in this image.

A similar view showing how the building is perched at the top of a rocky outcrop, beautiful and long views are to nearly all directions.

The main entrance is at the rear of the property so that the outdoor and garden areas look out over the hills, valleys, forests and vineyards.

Inside the main entrance door there is a small hallway giving access to the mid-level living area, to the stairs to the upper level and there is a door located here to the main bathroom/WC.

Moving from the hallway into the mid level, the first room is the kitchen. It's a typical country affair with wood aplenty and feature a steel/iron solid fuel range type cooker and heater.

An opposite view of the kitchen, the entrance hallway can be seen through the doorway to the right. The wall mounted pipework is the recently installed central heating which uses hot water and room radiators.

Still at the mid level, continuing along the central corridor, the house opens up the main living room. With windows to the rear and flank walls, there's plenty of natural light.

A reverse view of the main living room.

The final mid-level room is the bathroom/WC. Mostly tiled with modern ceramics, it has a WC, shower cubicle, wash hand basin and bidet. The wall mounted hot water tank is also located here.

Moving up the stairs now to the bedroom level, the first space is a small hallway with this door which leads to a small WC.

The "under roof" nature of the upstairs is now obvious from the ceiling line. The room here is one single long corridor-like space with a visual divider separating what could be seen as two bedrooms. This is first bedroom.

Having passed through the first bedroom and room divider, we reach the 'second' bedroom.

There is a third level in that there is a shared basement which is not accessible from within the house. There are two basement rooms (of four in total) allotted to this property, here is a view of one of them.

Returning to the theme of being a hill-top building, it is accessed from the adjacent quiet country lane. The driveway and parking are shared with other owners. There are no demarcation lines, these people have co-existed for generations so they have come to an equitable understanding of how it all works. The yellow line (added by us) is to show the separation between this property (to the left of the line) and the neighbours' to the right.

There are a number of lines of grape vines included within this sale although these may be excluded if you find it more suitable to do so. The gazebo is the most popular place in Lovrećan during then long summer months.

One of the views from the gazebo... in February... without snow! The least attractive time of year. In summer it is glorious.

Owner's photo - a summer scene.

Owner's photo - a summer scene.

Owner's photo - a summer scene.

(Land 1) An extract from the land register showing the land layout of the house, driveway and immediate garden. The total area is 500m2

(Land 2) An extract from the land register showing the associated vineyard and forest. The red 'H' shows the position of the house. The total area is 5,077m2

A short YouTube video of 25 seconds A short YouTube video showing two views from the house, the first from the rear gazebo, the second from the driveway which faces the opposite direction. The view is in mid February without the usual snow so everything looks at its least attractive.


The images shown above are to give you a good feel for what this place has to offer, if it is of interest, we can provide you with more.
This property has one section of land, shown above as "Land 1" which is shared with the neighbours so that everyone is guaranteed rights of access over the common portion (the driveway) and right of access to their designated basement area. This is a similar arrangemnt as used for an apartment block. The other section, shown above as "Land 2" is owned outright by the sellers and is over 5,000 sq. metres of vineyard and forest. The sale is no different to any other except that your rights and thsoe of your neighbours are written into the title (deeds).

The key points include...

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We have a number of other photographs available if this property is of interest to you.

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