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For sale, a huge property at Totovec, near Varazdin and Čakovec.

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Ref: 1775 Totovec

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This is BIG! An extensive house having thirteen rooms (some are huge) across three floors, three balconies, 2.5 baths, three halls, roof space and two kitchens. The adjacent outbuildings are massive and numerous, the whole thing sits on no less than 3,680m2 of buildings, hard standing and gardens. This page gives only a taste of what is there. If this property looks like being of interest to you, contact us and we'll show you everything, you'll need a while to take it all in.

Viewed from the local dead-end roadway, the frontage is impressively large. This house is the last property in the village, only fields lay beyond (to the left).

A square on view from the roadway. The neighbouring house (right) has recently been sold and is currently undergoing full modernisation works. The double width gate to the right is on a roller track and slides easily to the left to open. The entire property is walled/fenced.

Viewed from the front hard standing/driveway, the extent of the buildings can be seen in terms of the house which runs back as far as the inner gates, the out-buildings continue from there on. The high tiled roof in the far ground is the rear-most building of this property.

Viewed from the roadway again, the grassed land to the left of the buildings (as far as the ploughed field) is part of the this property. It is all building/residential zoned land. Foreign buyers may purchase the whole property without the need of a Croatian company.

Moving to the far end into the fields behind - looking back at the rear of the property. From left to right is a cattle shed (brick), a full-sized barn/work area (wood), a piggery (brick) and a long store (wood).

Viewed from the driveway, the main house (white facade) is off to the left, its four levels from the roof-space down to the sub-basement can be seen by counting the windows. It is connected to the brick-faced section of the house via internal doors and via the long wrap-around balcony at the upper level. To the right of the brick section is a large garage, above it is a long vestibule (pic further down this page).

Passing into the inner section (through the inner gates on the driveway) the next section is a collection of brick built out-buildings over two levels. The upper section is part of the long vestibule mention earlier (bowling alley anyone?), ground floor rooms are big, dry and useful spaces.

Beyond the brick out-buildings there is a massive covered section, clearly where tractors, combines and other large farming plant was once kept. There are a number of additional side rooms/spaces here.

Just when you think you've reached the end of the property - you arrive at this cathedral-esque barn.

Alongside and under the barn roof is a large brick former cow shed. Like everywhere else, nothing is rotten here, nothing has rusted, the whole place has been properly and recently maintained.

We have dozens of photos of the various out-building rooms but there are so many that we've decided not to use them here, they are all solid, clean and dry places in good condition, please contact us to see images of all places this property has to offer. This image is one example and was taken from somewhere near the mid-point of the upper level long vestibule mentioned earlier.

Finally, we enter the house and, working from the top - down, the roof space has windows, a front facing balcony, a concrete floor and is accessed via a full sized flight of stairs. No loft hatch and folding ladder here. As is the case with so many rooms here, so much potential without the need for construction/building work!

Moving down from the roof space to the upper floor, this is an example of the three bedrooms found at this level.

A second example, this room also has its own front facing balcony - see the top image for reference.

The upper floor bathroom is large, well appointed and fully tiled. There is a separate WC next door.

This is the hallway at the upper floor level, the natural light you see is from a door and window leading to the wrap-around balcony located along one side of the house. This house is not an ultra-modern example of interior design but everything is built to exacting standards and you do get the sense of 'money spent' as you walk around.

Moving down now to the ground floor level, which is actually about one metre above the ground level in order to give wall space for the sub-basement windows below. As can be seen, this is central hallway which gives access to all the ground floor rooms....

.. of which one is the main kitchen. Large, well equipped and sharing a semi-open plan layout with the main room/diner (shown next).

This room, in our opinion, gives the sense of what this house is all about. Large, plush and plenty of natural light.

One of the other ground floor rooms is currently used as a bedroom. Of course, with so many rooms available, your options are many as to how you will use them.

Moving from the main part of the house (white facade), we drop a few steps to actual ground level and arrive at the rear section (brick facade) where the traditional Croatian summer kitchen is located. Normally, this is where the business of the day would be conducted in that it is separated from the main house but is joined by an internal corridor and short staircase. A small kitchen can be seen behind the room separator.

Now we drop down to the sub-basement. The word "sub" refers to this level having natural light via the high level windows seen here. This is one of a few rooms at this level, the basement has the same large floor space as does each of the floors above.

Viewed from the first floor long balcony, the glass door to the left leads to the main house hallway, to the right are yet more rooms and the long vestibule.

A poor quality plan photograph but it does show the general layout of the property

A short YouTube video of 25 seconds A short YouTube video showing the view from the rear balcony of this property.


The images shown above are to give you a good feel for what this place has to offer, if it is of interest, we can provide you with many more.
This property was once a significant local farm, the house is very large and well appointed as would befit a successful local farming family. The outbuildings are all very well constructed and in excellent condition, all manner of livestock were once raised here and the infrastructure reflects that as well as the agricultural activities from the adjacent five hectares of land (available separately). The story here is the same as in nearly all other cases... farming is not seen as a desirable way of making a living by younger generations and the old folk are no longer able or willing to keep it going themselves. What we have here is an excellent farm or, if you prefer, a massive space with plenty of buildings to convert into the base of an alternative profession, your imagination and budget are the only limits.
Frankly, we have no idea if there are people out there who would wish to take this on, we hope there are. If that's you, we believe you will find it nigh impossible to obtain so much for so little. Relative to farms in any part of the developed world, the price of this one is in 'give away' territory.
Located in the desirable county of Međimurje, roughly mid-way between the regional capital cities of Varaždin and Čakovec. The flat surrounding countryside is part of the southern Panonian Valley, famous for its high quality agricultural land. There is a nearby junction with the major north/south European intercity highway, a major river, the Drava, is nearby althought this property is not on a flood risk area.
There is so much to see, we really cannot do justice to this property on a web page, we would be very happy to work with you to arrange a visit. You'll need all day to look around.

The key points include...

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We have a many other photographs available if this property is of interest to you.

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