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An old small-holding/farm for sale at Miholec, Croatia

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Ref: 1772 Miholec

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A traditional village small-holding farmstead for sale at Miholec, near Križevci. The old folks stopped farming nearly thirty years ago but life's circumstances meant that nobody was around to take up the agricultural reigns. Sadly, the years have taken their toll and now the main buildings are ruins. If you want to start farming in a not-too-big way and build your own, this property (at the asking price) will be a very good place to start.

Viewed from the main village street, the old farmhouse sits opposite a beautiful church in the centre. The width of the property is roughly double the width of the old house which is located against the left side border as viewed.

Starting down the farmland, this view looks back at the old farmhouse and to the church opposite.

Although long past reclaiming, the farmhouse sits on a full sized brick arched basement, the kind of structure you find in niche restaurants. It may be the one nod to the past worth saving. The house is constructed from rich red coloured bricks, they are in demand for less structural but more decorative features these days.

Moving further down the land, away from the road, this stone house lost its roof some time ago. Stone buildings are rare in this region.

Moving further down, this hay barn is still in use by friends of the owner.

Rear view of the hay barn, the last building on the property before the open fields.

Water for agriculture is not a problem.

Hay barn roof.

At about the halfway point from the village road, the land narrows off to the left and runs down to the road at the far end. This property therefore can be accessed from opposite ends.

The village street and old farmhouse lay off to the far right (east), the rest of the land runs westwards to the country road at the far left.


The village of Miholec is still a farming based community although, as is the case throughout Europe, the days of the small-holding farmer are mostly over. Properties like this are perfect for niche market or specialist agricultural producers or enthusiastic self-sufficiency devotees who need less land and have a limited starting investment. To buy a small-holding for about €28,000 anywhere in Europe is near impossible, this region still has a few such opportunities.

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