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For sale, a hilltop home near Križevci with a few surprises

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Ref: 1768 Brdo

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Sadly, the Covid-19 measures have forced a couple to withdraw from this agreed sale, it's sad for them and for the sellers. We are now again offering a property which ticks all the boxes for the majority of our buyers. A well kept country style house on a rural hilltop yet near a sizeable city. It has full solid fuel central heating, part thermal cladding, two bedrooms, large living room, kitchen/diner, 2.5 bathrooms, utility and store rooms, garage and a surprising summer kitchen. All this plus no requirement for a Croatian company for foreign buyers and very keenly priced. It sold in the first week the last we time advertised it, we expect this one to go quickly.

Viewed from the west side in the late afternoon winter sun, the north facing shaded terrace lays to the left, the centre section is mostly comprised of the original wine house, the right side is a recent expansion which converts this former weekend house into a real home. Note the recently added modern roof.

A similar view showing the main entrance door (white) by the lower section of the terrace, the door on the upper terrace leads straight into the kitchen. The entrance to the left of the garage doors leads to the lower quarters which are not connected internally to the rest of the house.

Viewed from the shingle/ash roadway. The main tarmac road is nearby but this registered roadway is well maintained and the snow cleared when required. The front gate is a sliding affair, there is ample hard standing within the property for 3-4 cars plus the garage.

Firstly we will enter the upper quarters, this view is an entrance hall/corridor which is accessed from the main entrance door shown at the other end. There are two sections to the upper house, the original and the new extension.

Entering the original part of the upper house, this living room is at centre and gives access to the semi-open plan kitchen/diner (left), a bedroom (tan wooden door), the entrance hallway (dark wooden door) and the north terrace (behind the camera). Everything is well decorated, clean and bright. The floor has ceramic tiles.

The north terrace with its door connecting the living room (see above). A popular and shady place to be during the long hot summer days, the fridge is nearby.

Still in the original section of the upper house, the kitchen is a little dated but efficient and functional. The floor and one wall are tiled. There is room for a small dining table which may be a little disappointing but this house has many surprises to come, read on!

Still looking at the original section, there is also this reasonable sized double bedroom.

The final 'original' feature is this small WC/shower room.

Leaving the above rooms behind, we walk along the corridor on our way to the new section, before we get there is this good sized WC/bathroom. It is fully tiled and contains the washing machine (that's how it's done in Croatia) and the hot water boiler.

As we leave the corridor and enter the new section, we find a completely different style of decor and layout. This huge room has large windows looking out over the views (see below) and is now the centre of the property. Everything is modern, clean and bright. There are glass doors leading to a fair sized south-east facing balcony.

A different view of the main room, the door leads to a bedroom.

The 'new' bedroom is very spacious and bright. The layout of the upper house is unusual and has resulted from the property evolving from humble origins, however the separation of the original and new sections (connected via the corridor) lends itself well to good privacy for yourselves and for your guests.

We expected the lower section of the house to be something like a basement - nothing could be further from the facts. Leaving the upper house and entering the lower section reveals another massive and well appointed room, again with windows facing our over the views, only this time with a strong influence of a traditional Croatian "summer kitchen" about it.

Another view of the lower section main room, the entrance door (yellow colour) can be seen at the far side, a door to the rear garden is at the left beyond the windows. There is another WC at this level plus plenty of storage facilities (see below).

The lower level has four other rooms which are available for storage or any other use you may wish. These two are directly accessed from the lower level main room.

There is a large basement area, the outer basement (left) has plenty of available space, it houses the solid fuel furnace and is used as a wood store. The inner basement room (right) is underground and thus has the constant temperature required for wine fermenting, this is a nod to the original purpose of this house as a shelter for people working on the former vineyard.

Garage interior.

The view over the land as seen from the main upper balcony. This was a day in February so this is a mid winter scene - without snow.

The land at the side of the house is set out as a garden. This view is looking back towards the entrance gate. The fence work (left) surrounds a cultivated vegetable plot and protects it from the local wild deer.

A view from the rear garden showing some facade work needing to be done at the lower level and the distance between you and your neighbours. The tiny wine house next door is used only occasionally.

A summer scene of the vegetable plot at the side of the property

There is a fishing/resort lake a few hundred metres away. It is part of a nature reserve operated by a local group.

The layout and orientation of the property.

A wider aerial view showing the local lake and general environment around the property.

A short YouTube video of 25 seconds A short YouTube video (25 seconds) showing the view from the rear balcony of this property.
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The images shown above are to give you a good feel for what this place has to offer, if it is of interest, we can provide you with many more.
The owners have overseen a gradual development from what was once a small wine house used for people to take shelter as they worked the vineyards which once dominated the agricultural scene. As the vineyards lost their appeal many wine houses fell into disrepair, others were converted into comfortable weekend homes, a few were enlarged and developed into proper residential homes - this is one such place. The result is a modernised and comfortable home located in the quiet countryside, a much sought after circumstance according to the overwhelming majority of our customers.
There are a few bits and pieces to do but the major work has all been completed and fully documented and registered. There is no water supply yet on this hill but, as is the case in many places, a rainwater capture system is in place as is a cheap fresh water delivery service (about €12 for 8m3). The current owners buy drinking water in large bottles and use a dispenser like this as do many countryside dwellers.

The key points include...

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We have a many other photographs available if this property is of interest to you.

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