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Elite modern residence in Međimurje for sale

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Ref: 1733 Janja

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An elite, high quality and expansive residence located in the northern region of Međimurje, near the county capital city of Čakovec.

A high quality and expansive residence

Fronted by a quiet roadway, this house stands out as a fine example of modern architectural design.

summer view

Owner's image: showing the building with its green surroundings.

Huge day/living room

Day room 1/3. Viewed south to north. The ceiling height is 3m to a dropped ceiling. The door to the left leads to the kitchen, the centre door to the stairs, the right door leads to the main entrance hallway. The high line windows give natural light for the full width of the room.

Huge day/living room

Day room 2/3. Viewed north to south. The 'wall of glass' compliments to high-line windows (see above) thus natural light floods in from opposite directions and fills the room. The multi-fuel heating system outlets can be seen at the far wall.

Huge day/living room

Day room 3/3 viewed from west to east. The home cinema/entertainment systems is clearly visible. There is another window (left) in what is currently a toy/play space. The bright doorway to the right of the twin main entrance doors is the access to the rear garden.


The kitchen boasts all the latest in both design and in the fitted equipment. Large windows help with the bright airy feel. The door (centre pic) leads to a sizeable walk-in pantry (see below), the glass door leads to an external 'wrap-around' balcony/terrrace (see two images down).


The pantry holds large fridge/freezers and provides plenty of shelf space which helps to keep the main kitchen clear of clutter. There is door (right) which leads to the upper stairway thus access to the kitchen is available without passing through the main day room. This room also has its own window.

top floor balcony

The top floor balcony is accessed from the kitchen and wraps around the building giving aspects to the west, east and (mainly) to the south. The fence/wall is a green coloured glass which, together with other similar installations, gives this home its distinctive look.

entrance hall

Still at the top level, the main entrance hall is connected to a long external staircase located on the west side of the house and running up from the ground floor. The main doors to the day room are behind the camera position. There are two other connected rooms, the door to the left leads to a small WC (not shown), the other room is a good sized space which is currently used as an office. (See below).


Currently used as an office but just as suitable as another bedroom or anything else. The window looks northwards out over the rear garden.

typical of stairway

Typical of all the stair cases which lead from the top floor, down to the middle floor and then on down to the ground floor and garage/sub-basement. Marble and glass abound.

Mid level hallway

We'll call this the 'Mid' level, most of the rooms lead off from this centrally located hallway. There is a large full-height cupboard/wardrobe located behind the wall seen here on the right.

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2: Has an east facing window, there is an alcove (behind the camera) just perfect for the wardrobe and which therefore does not take up usable floor space.

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3 faces east and south and has a larger floor space.

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 4 faces mostly south and west. It is an 'L' shaped room which also contains a non-fixed walk-in wadrobe. This room also has a glass door leading to a very large balcony/terrace which faces the south.

Bedroom 4 balcony

The balcony/terrace accessed from bedroom four.

Mid level bathroom

Bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 share this mid-level bathrooom. Fully tiled from floor to ceiling, it is both spacious and beautifully appointed. A full-sized corner bath is located behind the camera position. As is the case for most of the images here, we have others if thsi property is of interest to you.

Main bedroom

The master bedroom is also located at the mid-level, the window looks out to the east. The room is of good size and is further augmented by a large walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom.

Main bedroom closet

The master bedroom closet.

Main bedroom en-suite

The master bedroom en-suite is large and well appointed. However, the bath/shower installation has yet to be finished. That area is currently used for a washing machine and drier. There is an area in the basement already plumbed for these.

Lower level entrance

We now drop down to the lower level, this is the hallway which lays behind the entrance door (shown). From here, doors lead off to the double garage, large basement room, smaller basement room and the heat/vent equipment room.

double garage

The double garage is located to the south of the central entrance hallway, ithas a motorised and remote controlled up-and-over door, tiled flooring, lighting and electric outlets.

basement room 1

On the opposite side of the entrance hall (north side) are two sub-basement rooms. This is the larger

basement room 2

The smaller of the two sub-basement rooms. There is also a heat/vent equipment room located at this level, please see "overview" below for further details.

hVac room

The hVac installation room showing some of the equipment used to run the high-efficiency heating and ventilation system.

Terraced Sideway

This multi-terraced sideway leads from the front of the building up the the secluded rear garden.

Rear/top garden area

The rear/top garden area is completely secluded. It can be accessed via the stepped sideway or directly from the main day room. There is an additional covered area of ​​50m2.

Part of the garden area in summer

Part of the garden area shown in a summer photograph.

Aerial view

Aerial view showing the orientation and immediate surroundings.


The owners make the following statements:-

The key points include...

  • Located on a very quiet road (only local residents use it).
  • Čakovec city centre just 2kms away.
  • Excelent local shopping.
  • Several nearby schools and all other city amenities.
  • Circa €319,000.

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    We have a many other photographs available if this property is of interest to you.

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