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A grand fixer-upper house in Ivanec.

A period house which has been owned by a well-to-do family and which retains its original look of high quality. Structurally everything appears robust but the inside requires complete modernisation. A blank-canvas project for those inclined to take it on.

The structure dates back to 1912

The structure dates back to 1912 according to records held by the owner, it therefore has some good features from those times - a very high ceiling throughout and exterior walls of about half metre thickness. It has a recently installed new roof, however everything else needs to be renovated. In short, this is a 'fixer-upper' but with potential to be a high quality property once completed.

Located on the fringes of Ivanec

Located on the fringes of Ivanec, the city centre is within a few minutes where all the utilities and facilities you would expect of a country town are available. There is also large supermarket and other shops within walking distance.
The property has good frontage with significant kerb appeal, the environment has a suburban feel about it. A railway line runs alongside the garden which gives complete privacy from that direction, we understand there are only about four short trains a day on the line.
The house sits in a good sized garden which has an old outbuilding albeit in poor condition. The nearby homes are of high standard which gives the local environment an atmosphere of a medium-high quality residential part of town.

Viewed from the lane to the other side of the house

The living area is all located on the ground floor, there are seven rooms of various sizes all accessed from this central hallway. There are few fixtures of value thus the current designation of each room is not important, each may be designed to suit whichever purpose is preferred by the new owners. In addition to the eight rooms there is a covered entrance porch* with a couple of steps leading to the garden plus a pantry/closet*.
* - Images available on request.

Viewed from the end of the buildings

Starting at the south-eastern corner, room 1 of 8 is large with a high ceiling (as have all the rooms) and features two large windows facing the street, each with a radiator located immediately below. Wooden boards provide the floor surface.

a view of the main day room

This room, 2 of 8, is located on the south-western corner and was the kitchen, it has windows facing the garden. All mains utilities are located here although, in view of the major works required, the relocation of the kitchen may be preferred.

The same room viewed from the opposite wall

Room 3 of 8 is the second largest in the house and is located midway on the street (eastern) side. It has a connecting doorway to room 1 via an extra-wide doorway, similar to the width of door (pictured) leading to the hallway, very typical of style of high quality houses of this era. Judging by the decorated door and the parquet flooring, this was probably used as a 'parlour' for guests. Large double windows further add to the regency feel of the place

The mezzanine

Moving over to the western (garden) side is room 4 of 8. A separate bath and WC lay within a small inner space so that the doors to each are not directly in the hallway. Each has a window. This space appears to be a later addition to the building hence the ceiling is lower than in the rest of the house. Your imagination is required here to envisage how best to use this space.

A downward view to the main day room

Room 5 of 8 is located towards the northern end of the building on the street side. In common with rooms 1 and 3, it features large double windows with radiators. The parquet flooring adds to the suspicion that the street side of the house was designed to be the 'posh' side, the garden side more utilitarian.

The hallway and main entrance

Room 6 of 8 is located towards the northern end of the building on the garden side. It features large double windows with radiators but is a little smaller than the equivalent rooms on the street side but it does feature parquet flooring.

The bathroom is relatively large and modern

Room 7 is located at the north-eastern corner and appear not to fit comfortably with the rest of the house. It has a full sized window and has parquet flooring (damaged) so we suspect the wall (left of pic) is a later addition for reasons best known to the previous occupants.

The opposing view of the bathroom

Room 8 occupies the full width of the northern end of the building except for the space taken up by room 6 (above). Given the clear grandeur of this space, it seems logical to assume it once occupied the full width of the northern end of the building and, consequently, had large windows to three sides to give it an impressive ambience. We'd love to see it returned to its obvious former glory.

The key points include...

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