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Land plot in Kaniža, near Ivanec.

Located on the edge of the village of Kaniža, a kilometre or two from the major regional city of Ivanec. This plot of 2,549m2 is designated as "Oranica" (arable land).

Land plot in Kaniža, near Ivanec.

The land is accessed via a farm track, it is navigable by car, the asphalt terminates about 150 metres away. Other nearby plots have water wells, there are overhead electric and telephone wires nearby.
The picture shows the plot (between the yellow markers) from the 'far' end, looking back towards the track. In the distance is Ivansčica, the region's highest elevation.

Land plot in Kaniža, near Ivanec.
Land plot in Kaniža, near Ivanec.

This image shows the layout and orientation of the plot and gives a view of the surrounding environment.

The key points include...

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