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Croatia land for sale - land with a building at Ledina

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Ref: 0622 Ledina

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Set on the edge of the remote village of Ledina, about 15 minutes from Vrbovec by car, this property comprises an old house (circa 1963) and a barn on a square-ish plot of fairly flat land.

The plot runs adjacent to and parallel with the road.

The plot runs adjacent to and parallel with the road (see pic). Its boundaries can be seen in that the long grass and trees are on the plot, the shorter grassed areas surrounding it are part of a neighbouring farm. This plot ends at a fence line running between the two houses and down to the right into the valley.
The house is a brick construction but is in very poor condition, its value lay more in the fact that it was built before the threshold year of 1968 and thus did not require a building permit. Any reconstruction on the same footprint will be significantly cheaper and less beaurocratic (costs and delays) than a normal project as a result.

A similar view from a little further away.

A similar view from a little further away, the longer grass denotes where this property is located.

Viewed from the house but looking down the opposite direction.

Viewed from the house but looking down the opposite direction of the adjacent lane. The area is 'rural' in all respects.


This sleepy village is deep in the countryside which is almost entirely given over to agricultural/small holding activites although the country town of Vrbovec is a 20 minute drive away where all the shops, offices, medical services etc., are available.
The land plot is a former vineyard and is surrounded by similar land parcels, it is located on a gentle hillside and is currently grassland. Up to about 2008, it was a thriving vineyard and had been for as long as records go back. Ageing owners and offspring having left the countryside for the big cities of Europe means that the land is now unused. The neighbouring plot is similar in size and has been purchased recently by English people seeking their own country style of life, we understand work will commence soon on re-building the wine house and developing the garden.

The key points include...

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