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Land plot located at Svibovec-Podravski village, near Varaždin.

A plot of agricultural land for sale measuring 2,549m2, located at Svibovec-Podravski - a ten minute drive from the city of Varaždin.

A plot of agricultural land for sale measuring 2,549m

Pictured from the track running from the village, a curved stretch of agricultural land located 2 minutes walk from the village of Svibovec-Podravski. The asphalt road ends some 200m away although the track is used regularly and well maintained as several other adjacent plots are used on a daily basis.
The total area is 2,549m2 being 10m wide and about 255m in length. The owner has rented this plot to local growers every year for many years for circa €200 per season, the land has successfully produced corn and sunflowers crops, all the adjacent plots are in agricultural use.

the north-eastern corner of plot No. 730 looking westwards.

Viewed from the opposite end of the land.

A plot of agricultural land for sale measuring 2,549m.

This land lays at the point "Q", the image shows the layout and orientation of the plot and gives a view of the surrounding environment.

The key points include...

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