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Rural property Croatia - Our Cookie policy and your security and privacy

No cookies - here's why...

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored in text files. When you visit a website, cookies are written on to your computer/laptop/phone for a number of reasons, mostly so that website owners can see who you are, where you are from and how you use their website. Furthermore, your data is then sometimes passed on to third parties (often referred to as "partners") so you will be sent advertising which in some way relates to how you used the original website. Sometimes, masses of personal data collected by website owners via their cookies are passed on to.... who knows!

To be fair, some cookies are necessary and provide functionality to websites which would not work without them. These are needed if you are required to log in/sign up to a membership scheme (often requiring to answer all manner of irrelevant personal questions) in order to prove your ID (banks etc), use an on-line shopping cart, pay for goods online and other similar situations. Web marketers also want to know sales and marketing data in order to improve their ability to make money by targeting the "right" people, this is called "analytics" and requires your data in order to be of value to them

Why don't we use cookies?

Like you, we use the internet and we always feel a bit vulnerable when we give permission for website to place cookies on our PC/laptop/phone. We really don't know what they are being used for or how long they will remain on our machine.
We decided to offer a risk-free service - because that's what we would want if we visited a real estate agency's website... So:

  • We do not to use an analytics service (we have other non-intrusive ways to do this)
  • we do not ask to sign up to a blog, email service or anything else, we think Twitter and facebook are far better at providing updates and news, so that's where we put it. You can opt in or out of them as you see fit. No cookies required, no spam sent.
  • We don't want to clutter up our web pages with third party advertising, that's why there isn't any.
  • As Google requires, we write our website code so that users of mobile phones, PCs, tablets and big TVs all get a good experience in terms of size and read-ability. No cookies or scripts are needed for that.
  • The only active script we use, it's a very short piece of javascript, is to show you the banner on our home page which explains that we don't use cookies and scripts. Irony eh?

In the end, you will not need to accept or reject anything, you don't have to ackowledge that you read this wordy explanation or anything else. We don't know who you are, where you are, how long you were looking at our website, which pages you visited.... nothing.

We think that's how it should be.

So just enjoy our website in total anonymity. Don't forget though, if you click on a link to a social media site (twitter, facebook, YouTube), they will set their own cookies. Sorry, there's nothing we can do about that.

One last irony: Because we don't know who you are, we have no way of knowing when you come and go to our website. This means we have to show all visitors our "no cookies" banner every time. The banner is a requirement of the General Directive and Privacy Regulations within the European Union. Under those regulations, we must to explain how you may opt out of cookies - which we don't use anyway.

A new irony around every corner.

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