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Owned and operated by RPC Estates d.o.o. - A Croatian registered real-estate agency. No: 212/2019.

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Welcome to Rural Property Croatia - For real estate in the inland regions of northern Croatia.

The primary focus of RPC is to find attractive, affordable and safe-to-buy properties in the rural countryside of inland Croatia and market them world-wide. To see a short YouTube video of what we do and how we work, please click here.

There are unbeatable bargains to be found in this lovely rural region of northern Croatia. We operate in the English language and are experienced in helping people from all over the world take advantage of the opportunities as well as avoiding the pitfalls which are there to catch the unwary. We wish you good hunting through our pages and please don't hesitate to contact us, we're always happy to talk.


☎ +385 91 954 6114 (Sanja Hruškač - owner/director)

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Julia Frank finds her new home in thwe countryside of Croatia.

May 2020

SOLD - Before we could advertise it.

The day after we discovered this property, 'Julia' called us asking if we had a property very similar what we'd just found. Despite the owner being absent (working abroad), CoVid-19 lock-down and some paperwork to clear up - the whole transaction was completed in about one month and today the new owner moved into her hillside home in a beautiful part of Varazdin county and could not be happier. We love stories like this!

Large country house with outbuildings and land at Lipovnik.

April 2020

New instruction - €180,000 with rooom for negotiation.

Large country house with outbuildings and land at Lipovnik. An extensive property comprising a main three-floor house in very good condition, a large garage/workshop block and a good sized barn. All set in a pretty rural hillside location on a quiet lane yet located a few minutes drive for the sizeable town of Ivanec.

An attractive hilltop cottage in excellent condition located in Vinicabreg.

March 2020

New instruction - €44,000 Neg.

An attractive cottage in excellent condition located in Vinicabreg.
Located near a hill top and thus having a spectacular and long countryside view, this one-up and one-down plus bathroom has been well fitted out and kept in very good condition. Everything is included and ready to use. Buy today, move in tomorrow.


March 2020

Corona virus.

It's here and it's global. Everyone is affected by it and by the measures taken to combat it - we are no exception. Like most businesses, we are mostly at a stand-still and that is tough. However, we continue to work and are doing so within the necessary restrictions. We look forward to a near future when we can all look back at this time from a safe distance. Don't stop your plans, we will be here ready to assist when you need us. In the meantime, we wish you all the best.


Semi-detached hill top house in Croatia

March 2020

New instruction - €44,000 Neg.

Semi-detached houses are rare in Croatia, even rarer is one which is divided 'lengthwise' rather than sideways. This is a two floor building, perched on a spectacular hill top with kitchen, bathroom, living room and hallway downstairs, the upper floor has a long room sub-divided into two bedrooms plus there is also a small WC. There is also a basement with two rooms. The property is all about hill-top views and low-cost rural living.

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