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Who are we? What do we do? Who are you? Why would you be considering
buying and owning a property in rural inland northern Croatia?

We can help you make a visit and tour around to check out properties, the environment... everything!

Here is a brief overview of who we are and what we do...

Who are we?

Property sales - inland rural Croatia

We're a group of people who live in the rural region of northern Croatia, we're mostly residents in the city of Varaždin (see us on Google Maps) located between the capital city of Zagreb to the south and the border with the EU states of Hungary and Slovenia to the north. We are mostly Croatian nationals, the owner and main contact is English. We all speak English and Croatian.

We have between us, the right balance of experience and knowledge to enable us to understand and work in the field of property sales, property management and all the details and processes required to buy, sell, manage, maintain, repair and renovate homes and properties in this region.

We have been engaged in this work, with an ever increasing involvement, since our start in 2008.

This is what we do....

Property sales - inland rural Croatia We search this delightful region for homes which fit our criteria:

  • Free from legal problems.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Feature at least one attractive quality.

When a property meets these requirements (after our exhaustive checks) we advertise it on this website, in English, and provide the level of information and necessary focus required by foreign buyers. We know you'll be investing time and money in just viewing properties of your choice so we clearly cannot operate in the same way as the usual high street estate agents do. We provide regular updates on our home page and on our dedicated facebook page.

We know the difficulties and fears of Ex-Pat or holiday home buyers, we have developed our activities to cater specifically for you. We do not operate as an estate agent in Croatia, we do not advertise locally, we leave that to the local agents. This means that we do not just find properties and sell them, we offer all manner of assistance and provide comprehensive after sales care, you won't be just left to 'get on with it'.

Who are you?

Property sales - inland rural Croatia When we started, we tried to focus our services by looking at the people who had already moved here, we hoped to learn which 'type' of people are the most likely to relocate or buy a holiday home in this region. Experience has taught us that people of all ages, from all backgrounds and with a wide range of motivations come here.
If pushed to identify one or two....

  • People looking to retire but lack the funds to live comfortably (mostly from UK, Ireland, Scandinavia) and reason that selling their home and buying here for much less and enjoying the lower cost of living will allow them to maintain or even improve their living standards whilst maintaining a healthy bank balance from the sale.
    Read more details about retirement ideas by clicking here.
  • Those who do not own their own property and see little chance they will ever be able to do so, the prospect of renting during retirement is a daunting one. Buying here may well be within reach so people begin preparing for an affordable future without the need to pay rent.
  • Living in a beautiful rural location is, certainly in western Europe, beyond the financial reach of nearly all of us. Not so here! There's plenty of space and many opportunities within reach even with a modest budget.
  • We're located on the same latitude as south-central France (46 deg N), the weather is the perfect mix of long warm summers and short snowy winters. Those tired of the northern grey find the blue skies, even in winter, very appealing.

So what now?

Take your time, read everything here, look at what is on offer, form a view. If you are interested in what you see.... you know where we are!

Happy hunting!

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