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Legal process

The steps needed to satisfy the land registry system in Croatia.

(Updated 21.01.2018)

Whilst it is true that Croatian bureaucracy can be complex, convoluted and a tad slow, there are clear processes to obtain the certification and permissions necessary for buying, selling, building, extending, dividing, legalising and changing the use of property. Of course, everything is conducted in the Croatian language so, taking everything together, it is necessary to use local expertise to get all the paperwork in order. We have Croatian partners and have long-standing relationships with numerous legal experts, lawyers, public notaries, architects and the various public bodies who each have a role to play.

A list of processes we carry out from time to time on behalf of buyers.

  • Registration of ownership onto the land registries (Gruntovnica, Kataster, Posjedovni list).
  • Legalisation of properties where the process has not been completed.
  • Assessment and issue of Energy Certificates.
  • Geo-Sat surveys and submission to the Kataster of drawings.
  • Liaison with architects.
  • Preparation of sales contracts.
  • Liaison with Notaries to commission oaths.
  • Changing land parcel boundaries.
  • Investigating sellers' claims regarding property certification and ownership.
  • Registration of limited companies.
  • Arranging accountancy/book-keeping services.
  • Resolution of ownership disputes.
  • Liaison with lawyers.
  • Liaison with local police.

Our focus is to provide you with local support to represent your interests when dealing with the many and varied interested parties.
The manner in which we conduct all such work is governed by the provisions in our Code of conduct .

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