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We at RPC focus on finding attractive and safe-to-buy properties in the rural countryside of inland Croatia. We seek to guide foreign buyers through the process of buying and owning real-estate here and we offer a comprehensive range of after-care services to keep everything, physical and bureaucratic, in good shape.

Specialising in finding countryside property in the beautiful rural region of inland northern Croatia, we offer land plots, weekend houses, homes in a village setting, leafy suburban residences, building plots for self-build enthusiasts, ruins, renovation projects, lonely homes far from anywhere... everything for people who have a dream of country living, full or part-time. Here you can see a range of properties, presented by price, and get an idea of how much your money can buy.

Your first visit to our website? Can we suggest you look first at the Start Here page. It's just a short overview of who we are and what we do. Get the big picture!

As is the case of buying property in any country, there are some rules you need to know and some pitfalls which are best avoided. Our information page will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the important aspects of buying real estate in this beautiful rural region of inland Croatia.

We help people find the right property at a very affordable cost and, if you wish, we take care of your investment by making regular visits to keep everything in order, inside and out, if you are away for extended periods. Check out our SleepEasy housekeeping programme.

We are regularly called upon to fix small problems, a leaky tap, replacing light bulbs, blocked sink etc., It's all part of the service. Indeed, we often oversee major works (new roof, replacement windows, building projects etc.) on behalf of our clients. It can all be done, no matter if you prefer to be present or instruct us from afar. Check out our maintenance page for more.

All our properties are advertised only after we have investigated their documentation and audit trail with great care. If you are buying anywhere in Croatia, not through our service, we offer a comprehensive report into your chosen property using the same investigation thoroughness we use for our own protection. It is vital to know what you are getting into before you start spending money on legal processes or paying a deposit. For more details, take a look at our Investigations page. For less than £100, it will be money well spent.

Of course, buying property in a foreign country where the language and the official/legal processes are new to you, can be a daunting prospect, we help here too. Our Croatian staff understand the requirements of foreign buyers and have worked with due diligence on many occasions to get all the legal documentation completed correctly. With our help, the legal processes can be navigated without stress.

We are available to help you with everything you need to know - no pressure, no commitment, no sales pitch! Just email us, contact us through facebook or simply pick up the phone - we have whatsapp if you prefer.

Good hunting!

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23rd September 2018

Autumn 2018 - Things have changed....

We have always known that after-sales support for owners of property in another country is vital to ensure buyers enjoy a successful and satisfying experience. A key element of good after-sales is the ability to get things done...fixed, replaced, cleaned etc., we have been effective in doing just that for several years. We developed a group of trusted trades people and others who were mostly looking for extra work and this arrangement of getting ad-hoc jobs done has benefited everyone. This has changed dramatically in recent times.
Working people are now leaving Croatia in large numbers to find well paid jobs in the EU, particularly in Germany, Austria and Ireland. Effectively, all of "our people" are no longer available to us. It is also true that we cannot afford to pay them as much as they can earn abroad, incomes in Croatia simply cannot support that level of costs. We are now left with a single option:- In order to continue our support to our clients, we must now approach an appropriate company to get anything done. No matter if it's for un-blocking a drain, fixing an electrical fault, garden work, even simple cleaning. This means we must pay call-out charges, job estimates are never free and there are usually waiting lists - not to mention VAT.
In summary: We continue to support owners in any way we can, we will continue to find the appropriate skilled people to do the jobs you need. The difference now is that the process will be more formal, obtaining a free quote is no longer an option and deposits will usually be required. The fact is, Croatia has caught up with the rest of the EU.

20th September 2018

Smart family detached home close to Varazdin

New Instruction... A very attractive property sitting on a hill top amid the lovely countryside around Budinščina in Krapina-Zagorje County. A nicely modernised house provides the centre of a 3,664m2 land plot which also features two oak built barns. The property and everything on it is fully and correctly documented, the entire plot sits within the local residential zone hence foreign buyers do NOT need a Croatian company to own it. €59,900 ono
Click here for details

Recent updates...

Detached house in Salinovec/Ivanec

10th September 2018.

SOLD...Detached house in Salinovec/Ivanec (Ref: 0935)

Nearly new detached hill-top house in Salinec, near the city of Ivanec. The best of everything! See what €80k gets you in this region: €80,000 was the right price for both sides.

Detached house in Salinovec/Ivanec

2nd September 2018.

SOLD...Nice land plot in Petrijanec (Ref: 0763)

Flat building land as part of a package which included the house on the adjacent plot. Land appears to be the hot ticket for investors at the moment. Available at around €10/m2 for suburban plots with services on site and good road access.

Smart family detached home close to Varazdin

22nd August 2018.

SOLD...Smart family detached home close to Varazdin (Ref: 1488)

Sold before we could put together an advert! We have buyers who tell us their requirements and, when we find a good match, we tell them about it. This smart family property of 313m2 near Varaždin went from 'offer' to 'SOLD' in 7 days. Everyone involved is satisfied and we're very happy to have been the people to make it all happen. €90,000 was the right price for both sides.

Family house in Petrijanec

20th August 2018.

SOLD... An indication of the recent upturn in land investors' interest. 24 hours after advertsing this nice land plot, we received and offer. The paperwork was done and it was sold immediately. Total area of 963m2, a hill top plot, partly building zone, roadside services and access, clean papers.

Two apartments in a hill top in Strigova

13th August 2018.

Re-advertised.... After significant upgrades and reconfiguration work has been completed, we are re-advertising this property which is now comprised of two very nice apartments. Large airy rooms, massive terraces and spectacular views have transformed this property into a much more practicable proposition. A much improved place but at the same original price.

Large detached suburban house in Varaždin on a quiet blind street, fifteen minutes by foot to the city centre.

5th August 2018.

New instruction... Summer house located on a pretty hillside near Beretinec in Varaždin county (Ref: 0985).
Much more than a wine house, having several rooms, this summer/vacation house has a lot going for it in the context of a holiday retreat and is large enough for full time living. The very keen price means plenty of affordable possibilities exist for updating and improving to whatever you wish.
€30,000 ovno.

Family house in Petrijanec

3rd July 2018.

SOLD...Family house in Petrijanec. (Ref: 0880)

A large detached house with 4 beds, new windows, new roof, central heating, garage, large garden and at an excellent location. Well done Michel and Daisy and welcome to your new home in Croatia.

land in Imbriovec

2nd August 2018.

SOLD...A very smart and well kept small detached house in Kneginec.

There was a lot of interest in this one but it's now sold - just four weeks after we got it.

land in Imbriovec

31st July 2018.

SOLD...A land plot including a section for zoned building.

Total area of the plot = 963m2.
Mains electric supply available.
Mains water supply available.
Mains gas supply available.
Phone/ADSL line available.

Large detached suburban house in Varaždin on a quiet blind street, fifteen minutes by foot to the city centre.

27th July 2018.

New instruction...Large detached suburban house in Varaždin on a quiet blind street, fifteen minutes by foot to the city centre.

If you are searching for a big place with plenty of living room, small-ish garden and located near a city centre, this may be for you. Built in the 1970s, it does need some modernisation but the basic infrastructure is all good so there's plenty of opportunity to customise things to your taste.
€93,000 ovno.

Large detached suburban house in Varaždin on a quiet blind street, fifteen minutes by foot to the city centre.

19th July 2018.

New instruction..Hill top country residence in Vugrišinec.

An exciting opportunity. Some renovation/re-modelling work has just been completed so we can now release this lovely property onto the market. A quality nine room home sitting in it's own park-like land with views in every direction. At a price lower than our earlier estimation. We think this is a bargain, a dream home in fact.

€125,000 ovno.

A small cottage located deep in the hills of the Zagorje region

12th July 2018.

Big price reduction... A small cottage located deep in the hills of the Zagorje region. Down to €18,000

If you are seeking to "fall off the planet" and spend time in a lonely, hard-to-find and difficult to access cottage, deep in the woods and far away from the crowd, this little cottage will suit you perfectly.

Country villa in Leštakovec

5th July 2018.

SOLD...Country villa in Leštakovec.

The first of several properties to cross the finish line in this, our most successful season to date. The others are approaching completion with yet more looking like becoming an agreed sale. The new owners of this great place are over the moon and desperate to put their stamp on it. Welcome to Croatia Clare and Darren!

Country living at its best

8th June 2018.

New instruction...A special place for market garden fans.

A small detached house on a well maintained small-holding on the edge of Varaždin city.
With two good sized rooms plus kitchen/diner and bathroom plus several outbuildings, all set on a large arable farming plot in the suburbs.
This is the perfect situation if you seek to operate a serious and productive arable activity and live next to your land yet be five minutes from a metropolitan city with all its associated amenities and opportunities.
€80,000 ono.

Country living at its best.

2nd June 2018.

New instruction...Country style life at its best!

A timber clad recently built house located on a hill top location in an exclusive wooded part of Varaždin county.
Designed and built by the current owner, this lovely residence is located in deep countryside in which only small weekend retreats are normally found. It is rare to find such a building as this in that it boasts 2/3 bedrooms, lounge/kitchen/diner, bathroom, terrace plus three other large rooms, all laid out over three storeys.
€169,000 ono.

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